Monday, February 2, 2009

Story Listening Opportunities

Recorded performances:
First, we have a very wide variety of recorded storytelling performances. They are available in the office located in Warf Pickel Room 205A. The office hours are posted on the door. The room is open most every day after about 8:30 am, but we can make special arrangements and accommodate most and schedule. Just let me know.

Live performances:
The TaleTellers will perform at a variety of venues and audiences. We will post the final schedule as soon as possible. Taletellers will perform on the last Thursday of each month at the Acoustic Coffeehouse. We will at several schools this year, please see the schedule.

The Jonesborough Storytellers Guild meets on Tuesday nights at the Cranberry Thistle at 7:00pm. This is a public storytelling performance and recording is forbidden, unless you have previous permission from the individual storyteller. If you want to attend a Tuesday performance and record a teller, please contact me and I will see if the specific teller is willing to allow a recording.

We have several students performing their respective “My Finest Hour” shows. Laura Zuehsow performs on Wednesday February 11; David H. Claunch and Marjorie Shaefer February 13 at 7:00. Please contact the individual tellers for the details about their performances.

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