Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Read & Listen to this segment from NPR's Weekend Edition. Welcome To The Twitterverse Full of neologisims!

How is the ongoing development of "text messaging" affecting the oral/literate continuum?

Daniel Shorr: "I'm becoming familiar with it, even as I listen now," Schorr told us. "It really is another generation. I'm agape as I learn about how people can communicate with the outside world. It somehow reminds me ... of something in ancient Greece, the agora, the marketplace. You come out and you say things at the marketplace and everyone can hear. And every person now seems to be a network."

"We're losing the difference between audience and conversation," Schorr added. "It's all becoming part of one vast thing. ... You're not really communicating one to one anymore ... and the whole world is going to end up as an audience."

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