Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bauman's Formal devices (94-106pp)


I think it would be good to cover Bauman's formal devices to analyze the storytelling event. The following terms are used;

Direct discourse
Syntactic parallelism
Thematic parallelism

Would it be possible to discuss these terms briefly in class? I am very interested in using "metanarration" in the analysis of the storytelling event. I am not sure I understand it well.

And what is the difference between narrated event vs. narrative texts vs. narrative events Bauman used? What is the difference between oral traditional performance and oral interpretative performance? (Sobol’s article_innterversion and inntertext)


David said...

Great Mi Ryoung. We will discuss these in class. Meanwhile, think of the parallelisms as related to the general category of repetition and parallel constructions. By "narrative text" Bauman is referring to literature. "Text" in this case means written v. spoken narrative. "Narrated Event" is the story, "Narrative Event" is the storytelling.

David said...

In re: "meta-narration" we are dealing with the same category of actions that concerns "involvement strategies." Any action buy the narrator that is directed to the listener, explicitly or implicitly, constitutes meta-narration.