Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Love storytelling

Looking for audience to listen to stories seems to be a problem in the modern society. I don't know if we could have an answer for it. After meeting all the great people here and knowing the advantages of storytelling. I started to ask myself how can I create a storytelling environment in my house or at my work when I go back to Taiwan. Wouldn't it be weird if we did not have that habit before?
I used to read books to my duaghter when she was in kindergarten. She used to ask me to read but then I became busier. I always told her I am too busy. Then she stopped asking. Now I am the one who uses computer all the time. I am sure soon she will do the same thing. As David Novak said horse riding is not a necessity but it's a pleasure. Storytelling may be transformed into a different style or performance.
I like to use David Clauch for my model because he is the one I always see in the office. Last fall he almost goes to every tale tellers in every school even though he does not need the practicum hours. I wish I have as much courage as he does. Sometimes I think I lost the audience's attention at school. He would say sometimes you think you lose them, but they are listening. (He is good at comforting people.) Jay O'callahan said he was telling stories to high school kids once. Two of them were walking at the back. He did not stop them because he did not want to stop the story. He thought he lost them but the teacher called him a week later and said one of the two told the story-45 minutes in class. The other one was trying to correct him. Once I had four people listen to my story in the chili cook out night. It's more than one hour drive (Val and Mary drove). We volunteered. I was a bit disappointed but I know if I am good engough, hopefully they will come back. Otherwise I may lose these four.
Simply turning off TV is not working. I used to do that. Then the children did not like to come to my house. Because they were not allowed to watch TV. They think there is no fun. I like the way Val introduced Lethan-a man who likes to kiss-he kisses life. The way of living may make a big difference.
Please keep the seed of storytelling in your heart. It maybe stressful in the beginning and hopefully we will enjoy it later. Many of our classmates have been doing it for years and years. I don't blame myself if I am not as good. I was planning to finish the program in a year but now I am thinking to stay for another year. I hope I can be a better storyteller-teacher. Students will enjoy my lessons in the future. Plant the seeds whenever and whererever you can.
Thank David Novak for telling the spider story. I have been praying for that. God heard my prayer. Now I am going to do my last assignment-etymologies. Since our assignment was posponed for a week. I thought this one is too.

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