Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lisa hitting the wrong button!

Etymologies continued:
22.Regret-From the French "regretter" which originally meant, "lament over the dead."
23.Starve-From the Old English "steorfan" meaning "die." Related to the German for "die" "Sterben."
24.Stool-From the Old English "stol" meaning "throne."
25.Wit-From the Old English "witan" meaning to know; intelligence.


1.tolerance juice-Concoction of alcohol used to help tolerate a person, place, or situation!
2.Tweet-Dropping-When a Twitter user has a one way supposed conversaiton with a celabrity when the user is really having a fake conversation with himself or herself.
3.recalculating rap-From car's GPS when the car changes direction, loses signal, etc.
4.ding dong ditch-To knock on an anonymous door and run away.
5.Facebook foreplay-Writing increasinglt sexy messages back and forth using Facebook, or a similar social networking site; the Facebook foreplay was hot, but in person it just wans't there.
6.boxset bully-Person who pushes you to watch large quantities of their favorite TV show by offering to lend you the massive DVD boxset.
7.flat out-To be extremely busy.
8.LDOC-Last Day of Class.
9.Controller thrower-A video game so frustrating that it will make you lose your temper and throw the controller.
10.lesbro-A man who has more friendships with lesbians than other women or men.
11.dejabrew-When starting to remember things you did last night while drinking an excessive amount of beer!
12.I-Peeper-Person who looks at someone's IPOD screen to see what it is they are listening to and then comments on it or uses the information for some other purpose.
13.Cheat Chain-When one kid copies from a smart kid in class, then another kid copies from him/her, and the someone copies off the kid who copied off the kid who copied from the smart kid, etc.
14.rebooty-A booty call made with an ex.
15.parade maker-A driver and or car that goes under the speed limit causing a backup of 20+ cars, creating frustration and your ability to be where you want to time. wastin my minutes-when you just don't feel like listening to someone anymore.
15.Marty McFly Complex-A character flaw of pride, in which an individual takes unnecessary risks or do dangerous acts if their courage is questioned, such as being called a chicken or a coward. (Marty McFly in Back to the Future)
17.drafternoon-Any time after noon when starting to drink beer.
18.DLS-Dirty Little Secret.
19.bale out-When someone's stress level explodes to epic proportions (Chris Bale on T4 set).
20.boss sandwich-An unfortunate configuration in which you find yourself sandwiched between two of your bosses.
21.VOCD-Volume Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder; beset with obsessions or compulsions or both to adjust the volume on the television!
(other neologisms entered in earlier blog entry by Lisa Speer)
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