Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Interview article for the Storytelling World "Storytelling World Presents: David Novak"

Dear David,

I just read your interview article "Storytelling World Presents: David Novak", which was written in 1993 in the Storytelling World. Your words gave me a deep impression about how I become a REAL storyteller. I would like to share this article with other classmates today.

You said, "when you tell a story you are presenting and performing something you are CREATING from your experience.. SO, the storyteller employing acting technique is merely finding ways to be clear, coherent, evocative, articulate, and engaging for the audience." Concerening stories as revealation, you states, "I have the opportunity to reveal to the audience My way of telling the story and in the process, perhaps the listener will hear or learn something new. Revelation is the force that draws the listener into the story or pulls the sotry forward." "I want to be ordinary so that I have the option of becoming extraordinary or so that the story can become extraordinary." "In order to make a REAL contribution to the story culture, I have to have a story, and I have to tell it with the HOPE that other people will tell it. I would like, at least in my lifetime, for my name to be associated with these stories. After I'm gone, however, it really doesn't matter as long as the story is out there. Who cares whether or not it was MY story?" I like you answer about "what is the role of today's storyteller?" "Only if we share our stories with each other, will we see the elephant. That is the role of storytellers in the world...helping others to see the elephant!"

I love reading your words and feel ashamed. I came here to be a storyteller. I am now lost because I do neither enjoy telling stories nor I CREATE my story world. I just mimick somebody's stories and retell stories with memorization. In addition I hate doing ARTIFICIAL performances with too much stress and pressure. I thought using stories in the English classroom get rid of some pressure about learning a language. I feel that is my misunderstanding. Now I have a deep dilema about being a storyteller. I wonder whether you can give me some thoughtful comments or advice for me to reborn a REAL and CREATIVE storyteller in the near future. Thanks!!!


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David said...

Mi-Ryoung - I think that when you have a reason to tell a story and your own point of view about the story, you are well on your way to becoming a "real" storyteller. Your impulse to use storytelling to help teach English is a good one. The more confidence you have in your own knowledge of a story, the more ease you will have in telling it to others. If you are stuck with a memorized, written version of a story, you have little room for your own interpretation.