Friday, April 10, 2009

Rubric for paper

Here are some ideas: In addition to Del Hymes, I have many things under interpretation and fewer under evaluation. 
grooming, strokes, status
involvement strategies: 
rhythm, tempo, pace, drawing out sounds
repetition, repeating figures of speech
phonemes, morphemes
verbal plumage
tools of discourse (alliteration, assonance, rhythm, ellipse, tropes, dialogue
sounds of speech
colloquial language, dialect
making special
emotional range
open-ended discourse
surprise / break expectations
involvement behavior:
body language

Grice's maxisms and the flouting of
place , reveal, relate

there must be other things for evaluation......  


David said...

Mary, I think grooming and stroking are behaviors that serve as part of your interpretation of the event. They lead to a better understanding of status and the inter-social politics which would be considered in your evaluation. The creation of meaning, making special, and any tribal/community definitions and affirmations would all be considered in the evaluation. To clarify: interpret the event by stating the actions observed and their affect. Evaluate the event by drawing conclusions about the overall affect and outcome of those behaviors.

Marian said...


Do you want to cover all rubircs for the paper that Mary stated? I think that a few points, which I want to look at, should be focused on analyzing the event for the final paper. As a paper, to me, it is worth focusing on analyzing a couple of points instead of just describing all. I am transcribing Donald Davis's live performance and catch a few unique elements that he carried. Otherwise, I really can't come up with many. I am thinking to compare his performance with Kathryn Windham's for the analysis. How do you think?