Sunday, April 26, 2009


1. pilot- refers to the preview episode of a tv series
2. chat- talking online with someone who is somewhere else
3. touch screen- a screen on a phone that has no keys but is an interactive screen that responds to the touch of a finger
4. post file- to put a piece of information on the internet
5. vent- refers to releasing some frustration
6.networking- getting together with people who are like you in different groups on the internet
7. shot- to put a small amount of either coffee or alcohol in a drink
8. platform- a type of shoe that has a heel that is elevated on the bottom as well
9. file- some information that is on the hard drive of the computer in a certain place
10. fishnets- a type of hose that look like a net for catching fish that are usually black and you wear on your legs
11. square- someone who isnt cool; a geek, nerd

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