Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Storyteller Maxims


Storyteller Maxims:
CS: Relevance ¬
CS: Quantity – as much information as required
CS: Quality - truthfulness
CS: Manner - clarity, brevity, order
FS: Production: the storyteller must produce a compelling narrative
FS: Interest: the storyteller must engage and maintain the interest of the listener
FS: Acknowledgement: The storyteller must acknowledge the listener by affecting conversational behaviors, metanarration, direct address.
FS: Reciprocity: the storyteller must be responsive to the actions and reactions of the audience.
FS: usefulness/meaningfulness: the storyteller must present narrative that has some use, purpose, function? i.e. to entertain, instruct, …?
FS: Mediation: the storyteller is responsible for delivering the story to the listener, maintaining a position of primary narrator and speaker?

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