Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blog Journal Entry

share (v.)
1586, to apportion to someone as his share," from share (n.1). Meaning "to divide one's own and give part to others" is recorded from 1592, this term seemed take on a new life in just 6 short years. In storytelling, we seem to do a great deal of sharing with our audience. In acting, its the same. you share yourself with the audience. when you put yourself and your own feelings into the story or part youre playing, the audience rewards you with positive reenforcement, such as clapping
c.1410, "manner of carrying the body," from M.L. gestura "bearing, behavior," from L. gestus "gesture, carriage, posture" (see gest). Restricted sense of "a movement of the body or a part of it" is from 1551; fig. sense of "action undertaken in good will to express feeling" is from 1916.
using body language is so important in everything we do. you can tell so much about a person just by how they carry themselves. different flips of the hand or turns of the neck can mean something funny or sad. I personally believe it would be quite difficult to tell a story if you were as stiff as a board (ha! neologism!)
1530, "manner or style of expression," also "group of words with some unity," from L.L. phrasis "diction," from Gk. phrasis "speech, way of speaking, phraseology," from phrazein "to express, tell," from phrazesthai "to consider," of unknown origin. The musical sense of "short passage" is from 1789. The verb sense "to put into a phrase" is from 1570. Phraseology "choice or arrangement of words" first recorded 1664.
phrases can be used to make up stories while to phrase something can mean to put it together. sound like tricky puzzle that we all do, and that is to piece together ideas into a story. what are stories but bits of memories and ideas that are pieced together and woven into a beautiful quilt of knowledge, entertainment, and experience

chill-relax: calm down, Judas- a negative term for someone who betrays you, Sleep- the gunk in the corner of the eye after a night's sleep, Montezuma's Revenge- a term used to describe a condition of the bowels when one drinks infected water and has diarrhea, black ball-to make sure someone does not get something they desire by means of interference, squirrelly- to feel silly; strange, brain fart-to forget or lose one's train of thought, firewall- an electronic piece of software installed in a computer who's purpose is to protect against viruses, vintage-referring to clothing and other items that have been used and are from the past, post- referring to the way people communicate by putting their information on the internet, upload- to take items from such as photos, which are on the hard drive of the computer and transfer them to the internet

New and odd phrases
oh my sainted aunt! from philedelphia story when Katherine Hepburn realizes she has a wedding to stop; jumped out at me cant tell how many times Ive heard this, can be used to describenot noticing something until it was too late; Heller! my friends at the theatre use this as a sort of code word for hello and holer put together; throw ideas around when colleagues get together to discuss things and exchange ideas; extreme yayness my happy little friend kacy says little sayings like this everyday, they always make me smile; grab you a lil something my boyfriend was worried about me because i had been going straight all day and hadnt eaten much so when he called that is exactly the way he said it; avatar creating a character that is of your own design; fadiddlin a hilarious term coined by our own cheshire cat, when she was asking about where she was supposed to be; oh my G! I have the most colorful friends! two sisters that im friends with say this so they wont cuss; lol for the longest time i had no idea what this meant, even now i get a little paranoid by text terms and abbreviations; nincompoop I love the way this word sounds. its such a silly word it can be a negative term and once was

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