Sunday, April 26, 2009

odd phrases

these phrases are both different and hilaarious to me at the same time:
1. moshing- term used to describe jumping around to the beat of the music at a metal show
2. thrash dancing- a type of dance that involves slinging your body to the beat of loud metal music
3. blu-ray- my brother buys these definition movies for their quality
4. man friend- from sex and the city the movie what u call a boyfriend that is a man
5. guess what? chicken squat! - my mom and granny used to say this all the time which means a joke to play on someone
6. btw-texting lingo for by the way
7. prolly- my friend alex uses this to mean probably when he texts
8. flavorawesome- my bud sierra uses this to mean a compliment when she said she liked my shirt
9. horse of a different color-wizard of oz, means thats completely different
10. running around like a chicken with your head cut off- frantic i frequently use this to descibe my stress
11. raining like a cow pissin on a flat rock- my mom uses this to describe when it rains hard and at a slant
12. sup-alex lingo for hey whats going on
13. campier- my bud james said this about sunshine day by the brady bunch im not quite sure what it means but it cracks me up
14. tootles- my friend bailey says this whenever she hangs up the phone
15. chow-chow- a type of food that we eat in the south my grandmother used to make it and evidently my friend megan just bought her first jar of it
16. woot!- my best friend, and my boyfriend use this term all the time to explain how happy they are about something love them it makes me smile
17. twilighter- the fans of the book series twilight they really are getting on my nerves when girls scream their heads off at the mere mention of a name thats a bit much
18. supposebly- this girl i used to work with would say this which was supposed to be supposedly with a d but she said it this way
19. whaaaa?!- this is used to mean what? the singer miley cyrus uses it all the time and im ashamed to say it i do too haha
20. dingus-saw it on an old cartoon on cartoon network one time and ive said it ever since its a name for someone, not nice
21. bombastic-a term in one of my boyfriend's favorite songs, mr. bombastic by shaggy
22.mediclorians- a term from star wars which are cells at work in beings to see how much of the force is within them
23. thwart- to over throw something, on cnn ticker
24. swatch- piece of fabric that acts as the blueprint for something that is being made, kimora: life in the fab lane
25. idk- i dont know in text terms, used by my bro, alex, most of the people i know
26. aerobic striptease-a new form of workout that is about using stripper moves to work out your body, on E! network ive always wanted to try this
27. devil horns- the metal hand sign where the the 3rd and 4th finger are held down by the thumb and the 2nd and pinkie are extended, they actually were originated by ronnie james dio cuz his gandmother just to use them on him to ward off the evil eye, an old superstition
28. profile status- facebook ability that shows friends what ur up to, half the time i dont know what im up to
29. embosile- someone who is silly adn stupid; futurama have used this term in my life hehe
30. manolos- shoes called manolo blahniks which are very expensive and are the chief shoe in sex and the city would love a pair myself


David said...

Many of the curious phrases that you come across may have more history than you know. For example, "horse of a different color" in OZ was a visual joke on an old saying. The actual horse changes color from scene to scene.


"My purpose is, indeed, a horse of that colour."

The more reasonable source is Shakespeare's Twelfth Night (1601) where the above line appears. In short, it means "Yes, that is my plan."

"Whether any of them may be induced to enter into the pay of King John I is 'a horse of another color.'"

David said...

Dingus is an actual word. Often used in a derogatry sense as in "you dingus!"
din·gus (dĭng'əs)
n. Slang

1. An article whose name is unknown or forgotten.
2. A person regarded as stupid.

[Dutch dinges, whatchamacallit, from German Dings, from Middle High German dinges, genitive of dinc, thing, from Old High German ding, thing, assembly, case, thing.]