Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beth Ohlsson - Language 6-10

Teller in Residence Kim Weitkamp gave us some wonderful samples during yesterday's performance.

6. "She had a tongue so sharp she could trim a bush." There are many ways to describe an overly critical person, but this one brought to mind not only a personality, but a physicality of this character, as well. Ouch!

7 & 8. Her story process was described as a marble rolling around in her head...a sticky marble that picks up a piece of lint every time it rolls around. Then the process of crafting the story involves peeling the lint off the marble. The image has a comic bent to it, which perfectly reflects Kim's style. My story coach says that the story is, " in the oven. Let it cook for a while...."

9. Seasoned Citizens is the phrase Kim uses to describe people who are senior citizens. This label invokes all that is inherent to fine wines and elevates them to a place of value and esteem.

10. In Marjorie's story last night, "the Giant took a log from the firs and whacked her on the buckawhampus!" The number of words that exist to describe, define, and indicate the buttocks is truly amazing. Exploring that seems to be a developmental task of childhood. This multi-syllabic word choice is just delicious, and somehow implies the intensity of the whack. Interesting.

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