Saturday, July 25, 2009

Catherine H: Language 14-17

Source: My husband John Steitz, July 25, 2009
after becoming frustrated with the length and meandering of a colleague's blog:

"This guy has blogarrhea!"
etymology: Blend of blog and diarrhea

On the Boyertown, PA "New Books" shelf

The phrase "familial fairness model" caught my attention.
from Try to See it My Way-Being Fair in Love and Marriage by B. Janet Hibbs, Ph.D., 2009 New York: Avery
Hibbs' book puts forth the idea that a sense of shared fairness is a crucial key to healthy loving relationships and without it marriages often end. I was reminded of a learning from the Basic Storytelling class that fairness is a fundamental theme that runs through many fairy tales.

The two following books had titles that caught my attention and after looking at them I realized they both bring out different aspects of the power of the collective voice on the Internet.

One Nation Under Blog: forget the facts...believe what I say, by David Wallace (2008 Brown Books: Dallas) concerns the responsible use of free speech on the Internet and the damage that can occur when not used ethically.

Your Call is (not that) Important to Us by Emily Yellin (2009 New York: Free Press) is about customer service and what it reveals about our world and our lives. Yellin uses examples of the power of social networking and blogging in collectively voicing complaints and how it has forced a change in customer service.

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