Monday, July 27, 2009

Steve Evans: Neologisms 15-21

ANDROPAUSE (OR VIROPAUSE), n. The end of virility. [blend of virility and menopauseContext and Source: "andropause or viropause, the end of virility"

DETOX, n. A clinic or treatment facility at which substance abusers attempt to rid themselves of dependency on a particular drug. Part of this process entails the actual physical removal of toxins present in the body due to the abuse of a substance [clip of detoxification ].

FANTABULOUS, adj. beyond fabulous. [blend of fantastic and fabulous]

GLOBOBOSS, n. A cosmopolitan executive that has the ability to perform well across the globe.

IMHO, In My Humble Opinion [Acronym used on the Internet]

MOTO, n. Energy for action toward a goal; motivation. [clipping of "motivation"]

PSYCHODRAMATIC, adj. very crazy (psychotic) and overly dramatic. [blend of psychotic and dramatic]

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