Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Steve Evans: Language Usage 13 and Neologisms 5 & 6

Johnson City Press, July 15, 2009, page 1

Headline: Real to Reel goes digital

Text: “The new digital system will allow the theater to showcase RealD 3D enabled films for the first time in their 26 years of doing business in Johnson City. 3-D has gotten to be a very big commodity in the theater business…”

America has a love affair with the “play on words” usage, or so it seems. Today’s paper has yet another example of this. Real to Reel is the name of a local theater or cinema. It’s a play on the phrase “reel-to-reel”, as in the type of movie projectors and tape players/recorders – the film or tape moves from one reel to another while in operation. There’s the added dimension of “reality” being thrown in with the introduction of 3-D (a neologism for “three dimensional) effects, thus “real to reel” – reality plus film. The addition of RealD 3D takes this yet another step further, moving things from the age of film (analog) to the age of digital.

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