Sunday, July 26, 2009

Neologisms 19-25

#19 fauxhawk - think mohawk, but not exactly. Instead of all of your hair being shaved off except for one row in the middle, this is where you comb your hair all to the middle to come up in a point (not sure if I am explaining that hair). It gives the look of a mohawk without having to shave any of your hair off

#20 Octomom
I'm not sure what her real name is but this was the name given to the lady who recently gave birth to eight kids when she already had six I think. The media was obsessed with her though I haven't heard much about her lately

#21 Facebook Status - what you are doing on facebook. You can write a sentence (or probably more) to share with the world (or at least your friends) what you are doing or thinking at the moment, I guess it is like twitter, but I'm not sure

#22 Comic-Con - a big comic conference (that's what the "con" stands for) in San Diego

#23 Abandominiums - abandoned row houses where drugs are used (sad)

#24 dot gone - an internet company that did not succeed. A play on .com

#25 bling bling - my students enjoy this one. Bling refers to jewelry. If you've got a lot of it on (or it is very big and noticeable you get to say bling twice)

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