Friday, July 17, 2009

Linguistics Class Recap - 7/16

Hey. Since I don't think anyone was asked to write up Thursday's class, I thought I would go ahead and attempt it! These are more my notes and observations, rather than a synopsis of the class!

- By indirection we will find direction.
- Bank of America story / re: plausible deniability
- Jive dictionary
- Book on Africanisms in American English
- Tannen article
- Technology rewrites culture
- Technology of writing determines way of using language vs. the act of speaking
- Use of pneumonic devices
- Reclaiming our cliches
- Aesthetic literacy
- Finding meaning and value in art / learning to read art
- Implicit and Explicit meaning
- Elippsis and conjecture
- Combinatorial Analysis (mathematical term with application for linguistics)
- Openness and productivity in language
- Implicit: oral / Explicit: literate
- Signaling load
- Written word has weight, a heavier signaling load
- Spoken word has paralinguistic elements
- Book "How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk" by Favor & Mazlish
- Linguistic strategies - "stroking"
- Diacritic markings
- Maxims of Conversation: quantity, quality, relevance, manner (includes tone)

Quite bit of time was spent discussing the Tannen article, as well as to listening to our recorded conversations and making preliminary analyses of these, inlcuding how to convey them in a written form.

We finished the class by listening to and watching another Hubly cartoon and analytically discussing it.

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