Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Steve Evans: Neologisms 2 - 4 and Language Usage 7

I noticed a few neologisms today, July 14.

One came from the ETSU Sherrod Library, printed on a bookmark: eAudiobooks. This came from an earlier neologism – audiobook, which came from combining the two words audio and book, representing an audio recording of a book being read on cassette or CD. Now, the additional “e” added to this previous neologism denotes audio books downloadable from the internet.

Two other neologisms were seen in a magazine insert in the daily newspaper (Johnson City Press). The magazine is a food magazine called Relish: Celebrating America’s Love of Food. One was the title of a column on cooking and food terms called Cook-cab-u-lary, basically denoting a column on cooking vocabulary. The second neologism was Nutrisystem, denoting a nutritional system for losing weight.

By the way, the title of the magazine itself is an interesting langugae usage, a play on words of sorts. Relish is food term meaning a spicy or savory condiment or appetizer, but it also means gusto: a vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment.

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