Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Katie Nuttall Neologisms #11-20

11. Elevens: Vertical wrinkles on the forehead, just above the nose, that occur as a result from squinting, scowling, or worrying. "Karen's been so freaked out about finishing her book that she's developing a severe case of elevens. "

12. Twitterati: he most read and most influential users of microblogging service Twitter. "Speculating on Steve Job's health is all the rage among the Twitterati."

13. Unfriend: To remove a contact from your network on a social networking site, such as Facebook. "Michael keeps spamming me with requests to join his pirate army and take stupid quizzes. I'm totally going to unfriend him."

14. BFE: very far away or Beyond F*% Egypt. "My car is parked BFE!" (I refer to this one a lot....especially when parking at walmart or concert events.) I wonder why Egypt of all places?

15. BTW: Shorthand method of expressing by the way, commonly used in office memorandums and email communications. "BTW, there's a diversity training class meeting at 1:00 in the conference room." (Memorandum at work) This is very popular in texting with all the other acronyms. Speaking of acronyms. How about one more...

16. OMG: Shortened version for expressing something unbelievable. Specifically the words “Oh my God.”

17. Emoticon: A symbol, usually found in e-mail messages, made up of punctuation marks that resembles a human expression. [Blend of emotion and icon]

18. Fantabulous: beyond fabulous. [blend of fantastic and fabulous] "I am feeling fabtabulous today!"

19. 411: Information or informative details, usually about a planned event or activity. Also 4-1-1. [ One usually dials 4-1-1 on the telephone to reach an operator in order to inquire about some piece of information one is searching for.] "Here's the 411 on the camping trip." (heard in conversation)

20. Psychodramatic: very crazy (psychotic) and overly dramatic. [blend of psychotic and dramatic] "Calm down. Stop being so psychodramatic." (Conversation)

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