Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beth Ohlsson - Neologisms 1-22

:1. Google: N: a trademark used for and internet search engine
V: to research anything on the world wide web and have the website do all the grunt
work. Requires internet connection. No gasoline required.

2. Webcast: N: Video Programming that is broadcast on the internet. No television required. Circumvents the need for a cable or digital or satelitte television provider.

3. Podcast: N: Audio Programming available on one's iPod.

4. Webcam N: Video camera that is used to broadcast via satellite

5. e-file: V. To submit one's income taxes electronically via the world wide web.

6. e-card: N. An electronic greeting card, sent via the world wide web.

7. ACH Deposit - N. An electronic transfer of monies from one bank to another. This may
one's paycheck, or bills one pays from directly from one's bank account.
Eliminates the need for actual visits to the bank, paper checks, stamps and
envelopes. Also eliminates the possiblity of late charges due to snail mail.

8. Snail Mail: N: United States Postal Service. Actual transporting of hard copies of
correspondence. Takes an inordinate amount of time. Often responsible for
late fees assessed on unsuspecting consumers.
which takes an unpredictable amount of time.

9. texting: V. To send a written communication via cellular telephone (cell phone) that is brief and to the point. Phonetic spelling preferred as it supports the required brevity.

10. sexting: V. To send pornographic written communication via cellular telephone.

11. search engine: N.
  1. A software program that searches a database and gathers and reports information that contains or is related to specified terms.
  2. A website whose primary function is providing a search engine for gathering and reporting information available on the Internet or a portion of the Internet.

12. smoothie: N. A new family of beverages descended from the milk shake. Made primarily with fruit and ice. Designed as a healthy alternative to soda. May also be made with yogurt to approximate the milk shake and thus deceive younger consumers.

13. energy drink: N. A new family of beverages exceedingly high in caffine and sugar content. Designed to replace the need to consume real food so that Americans can continue to and succeed in becoming human doings instead of human beings.

14. vitamin water: N. distilled water enhanced with vitamins and no calories, or at least very few.

15. Muggle: n. British; 1997;from the Harry Potter books, meaning earth people or mortal beings.

16. Quidditch: n. British; 1997; from the Harry Potter books. A team game played on broomsticks; appears to be derived from lacrosse.

17. Blog: n. an online diary requiring daily or almost daily entries.

18. Blackberry: n. 1. a plant that yields berries. 2. new generation of smart cellular phones that provides multiple services, above and beyond the previous generations of cellular phones.

19. iPod: n. 2001. a trademark for a portable media player.

20. Patch: n. originally a piece of fabric used to mend an article of clothing or some other household good. 2. an adhesive bandage that transmits medications through the skin.
v. to connect various pieces of computer hardware to each other.

21. Flash Drive: N: Small device that contains a mini hard drive to contain and then manually transport computer files/programs from one location to another.

22. pizone: N. Pizza Hut, 2008. A cross between a pizza and a calzone. Frequently on special.

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