Friday, July 24, 2009

Katie Nuttall Neologisms #20-25

21. Snail mail: The standard system of mail delivery in which letters, documents, and packages are physically transported from one location to another, in contrast to electronic mail [rhyming compound formed from roots snail and mail]. It makes me wonder if snail mail for my kids will be like the telegraph is for us: outdated.

22. California Roll: This is NOT sushi. Although it can be. This is a stop sign behavior where the driver of car slows down, but doesn’t come to a complete stop. They roll right through the stop sign. I have witnessed this inside and outside of California, yet I wonder where it first started being called the “California” roll.

23. Cords: A garment or article of clothing made of corduroy fabric. "Hey, I like your cords!" (Conversation)

24. iPhoneography: Photography with an iPhone.

25. Facebooking: has emerged as a verb to describe the activity of logging in to Facebook in order to create a profile, share personal information, and meet other members. In fact some people check their facebook more than their email.

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