Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kristy's Neologisms #18-19 & Lang Samples #14-20


#18 - gooftastic: fantastically goofy

#19 - micro-blogging site is a site where users are allowed to send a short text message, photos, audio clips, instant message, etc. The site can be open to the public or set to private.

Language Usage Samples

#14 "Attitude is the only disability." I saw this on a bulletin board outside of the bookstore this morning. It reminded me of a place in Fresno that uses gymnastics as a way of bringing "differently abled" kids together. Sometimes the kids in the program go around and do gymnastics routines and they introduce it by saying things like, "Who is more disabled? The person who has a wheelchair, or the person who gets angry every time they get behind the wheel? Who is more disabled? The person who cannot speak or the person who only has negative words to say?" It makes us think about what a disability really is. Sometimes things we see right away that are different seem like disabilities to us, but many times our disabilities are within us and expose themselves through the words we say or things we do. Not that all attitudes are a disability, but it at least made me stop and think.

#15 "Tell your brother you are sorry and say it like you mean it. Say it in at least a sentence." When I was visiting my brother a couple of weekends ago we overheard a father saying this to his son, to which my brother turned to me and said, "Oh great, he's teaching his kid to lie." I always have found it interested to see how parents teach their children to apologize. I'm sure we've all been forced by our parents to apologize when we didn't mean it and have said the words without the meaning behind it. I like "say it like you mean it" as opposed to really meaning it. I guess we can't force others to feel something or mean something if they don't, so the best this father felt he could do was at least have his son go through the motions of apologizing. It's really fascinating to me. Not having children of my own I've not had to teach someone how to apologize, but it is an interesting thing to think about.

#16 "It is not what you say but how you say it." My brother and I began to talk about this after seeing the father/son interaction. This goes into paralinguistics I guess. The content of what people say is only part of the transaction that takes place between people. There is more than just the literal meaning or words being spoken. There is a message behind what we are saying that can come across through a variety of forms, one of those being how we say the words, what tone we use, even our gestures or body position. Anyway, this seems to fit well with what we are talking about in class.

#17 "It is easy to lose trust, hard to gain it back." I heard this on the radio this morning. I've heard this saying with other words put in place of "trust" such as, "It is easy to lose respect, hard to gain it back." Or the reverse, why is it easy to gain weight but hard to lose it? It seems as though the right, good, noble (or whatever word you want to use there) thing to do is always harder than the wrong, bad, or not so noble thing to do is. Why is that? But I think this statement is true. It can take one act to lose someone's trust, but many acts need to follow in order to gain it back. I also wonder where trust or respect begins? Some people feel you have to earn trust and respect from the beginning of a relationship, others feel you start with trust and respect for the fact that you are human, (or hold a certain position) some people think it is a combination. Wherever the beginning is, once you lose it, it is indeed hard to gain back.

#18 "Remember the taste of home with slow simmered brown beans, golden fried chicken homemade corn bread, hand-patted hamburgers and potato salad..." This was in the a newspaper I read yesterday as an add for Lynn Garden Restaurant. I thought it was interesting because the food mentioned after that first line don't really remind me of home. It doesn't remind me of my mom or grandma's cooking. But for some reason, it is a soothing, relaxing, or welcoming feeling to read those lines. Even though the food doesn't represent the taste of home I recognize, it gives a picture of the ambiance of the restaurant. It is more than just the food you eat, it is the feeling of being home, it is where you are at and who you are with that matters.

#19 "I honestly though that I'd found my people," she said. "I remember standing on Main Street in front of The Bistro with tears in my eyes. It was absolutely life-changing. It was just like some other world." This was in the same paper as the one above (Go Tri-Cities Entertainment) in an article about Kim Weitkamp. It is a quote she gave in regards to the first time she went to Jonesborough for the storytelling festival. She found her people, a place to belong, a home. People who she connected with. At the same time she says it felt like some other world. How interesting that some other world is where she found her people. It wasn't like every day normal life, there was something different about it, but good. Interesting that sometimes it feels as though we have to escape our world, or the normal things of life to feel a connection.

#20 "Fans support Abdul, but will 'Idol' take bait in deal dispute?"
Take the bait. It reminds me of the story David told last night in class. Will you fall for the trick? I didn't read the whole article, just enough to get an idea of what it was about because I don't follow the show. Abdul hasn't been offered a contract for the coming year on Idol, but lots of fans are coming out in support of her. So the bait would be that the fans want her to remain on the show which might give the producers (or whoever it is that makes these decisions) reason to give her a good deal. That doesn't seem like a bad thing, but for some reason taking the bait seems to have a negative connotation. It gives the picture of something good waiting for you, like a big juicy worm, but when you take it you realize a hook is waiting for you. As great as the bait looked, it actually led you to your demise.

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