Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Catherine H: Language use 1-5

Phone conversation with my husband John and granddaughter Lisa, July 13

John "I have Monday-voice because the new sound system was down yesterday." (My husband is a pastor)
  • Monday-voice- waking up with a hoarse voice after preaching the day before in a large sanctuary without a microphone.
I asked what happened. He responded, "Do you want the official statement or the wiki-version."
  • wiki-version -from Wikipedia - the collaborative web based multilingual encyclopedia.
  • wiki is a Hawaiian word meaning "quick" and used to identify technology for creation collaborative websites.
  • My husband's use of Wiki-version was as a metaphor quick undercurrent of consensus that spread through the congregation about what "really happened" rather than what the sound system people reported.

John-"Lisa was late for summer rec today because she had the slubbies"
Slubbies- I believe this is a made-up family word. It is the condition of young children when they first awaken, are still groggy, and slump in your lap like a sack of flour.

Lisa-on reporting the important events of the day, "I got my pink shoes dirty when I slicked-down in Mica's (the dog) poop."
Slicked-down -Lisa's own word describing the action stepping forward when your foot fall lands on something slippery causing your moving foot to slide forward and your opposite knee to hit the ground.

Saturday(July 12) My son David explained, "I am trying to figure out the Goldilocks effect" in reference to the marketing of a new product for the company by whom he is employed. When I asked him for an explanation of the phrase he said, "You have to spend enough to do adequate marketing and little enough so that it cost effective. - You know, not too hot, not too cold, just right."

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