Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Steve Evans: Language Usage 6

Full page advertisement for the Johnson City Press in the Johnson City Press, July 14, 2009, page 7A:

People Depend on Newspapers

The wins.
The losses.
The stats.

The crossword.
The comics.
The coupons.

The people.
The politics.
The police blotter.

The tax hikes.
The scandals.
The truth.

Our towns.
Our lives.
Our news.

There are several interesting observations here. The obvious one being the serious of short declarative statements in sets of threes. This seems to be a characteristic of the American English language. Next are the multiple sets of alliterations. Again, common in the American English language. Finally, there is the move from the general to the inclusive specific (our, our, our) in the last set of three.

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